Roger O'Doherty | About
I can turn my lens to both the natural world and social events including weddings. Having a diverse range of skills I can bring to those other fields an eye for the quirky that can be missed by specialists.

The camera and lens that can do justice to the wildness of the mountains has yet to be invented, but skills such as High Dynamic Range photography and panoramic stitching enable me to broaden the scope of the camera as an artists tool.

The work displayed here has mostly been produced for my own satisfaction and has not before been offered for sale.

My work has been published in many local and community magazines but also in the national press including The Observer, The Telegraph, The BBC, The Daily Mail and The Mirror.

If you would like to set me the challenge of producing something 'a bit different' for you, wedding photography, or even a cat portrait, please contact me.

Similarly if you wish to access a password protected gallery just contact me explaining briefly why.